Important Notice For All Moneylender

SBD Is A Data Intermediary 'Organization'


To maintain close ties and cordial relationships with the fellows AH LONG through consultation and cooperation.

To keep members informed of developments in the industry.

To advocate ethical practice in the AH LONG industry.

It is sad that to know that there are a handful of HIONG KA who have actually abused the the help from all lenders

SBD is here to ensure all the HIONG KA [Name, ID] will be listed in backend online database

The website has a feature for moneylenders [members] to enter JAM details of their borrowers [ Name, ID ]. These data entered by all the lenders will be stored in the backend online database.


A. Sharing Borrowers [Name, ID, Date]

B. FAQ for all members of the public.

C. Presentation of SBD Accounts

D. Request for Ban by Members of the Public


We hope to ensure every AH LONG in Singapore is a member of the SBD.

SBD website has been revamped to provide better services to its members at large.


(A) This DND (Do Not Do) Directory (“DND Directory”) merely serves as a point of reference for members of SBD in their consideration of loan applications. A Lender is not bound by the DND Directory, and may grant a loan to a person even if he is in the DNL Directory. There is no 100% Good borrower or 100% Jam leg this is a guide to jugde who you are dealing with.

(B) This DND Directory is accessible only to members of SBD. Lender who are not members of SBD will not have access to the DND Directory.

(C) SBD recommends members to not lend to individuals who are in the DND Registry.


Singapore Bad Debt. It's part of our rebranding to showcase how we have evolved as an industry together with all our members

The Singapore Bad Debt (SBD) is a non-profit trade association set up since 2013. Apart from rendering support and services to the industry. we also reach out to the general public through educating and creating awareness about HIONG KA.

We welcome the members to share with us your views, concerns, questions, ideas and suggestions. Your valuable feedback will help us to develop and instill best practices to the industry.